Operations, Support and Training


The Operations Division delivers a wide variety of emergency and non-emergency services.

Emergency Response Personnel

Allen Fire Department's emergency response personnel are the core of the department's operations. Personnel are divided into three, 24-hour shifts and respond out of four stations.

Trench Rescue Operations

Trench collapses are a continuous threat in North Texas due to unique soil content and ongoing construction. The Allen Fire Department is equipped with pneumatic shores, air quality detectors, "snake" cameras, confined space communication systems and air circulating equipment for trench collapse emergencies. Trench rescue technicians receive hours of classroom and field practice. Technicians learn how to properly approach, shore, and remove victims from several kind of trenches.


The Logistics Division, led by Assistant Fire Chief Richard Vaughn, provides firefighters with the tools they need to keep the community safe. It provides firefighters with protective equipment, prepares vehicles and equipment for emergency response, monitors trends related to firefighter safety, identifies emerging technology and supervises the design and purchase of fire stations, fire apparatus and rescue equipment


The Training Division prepares firefighters to respond to a wide variety of emergencies with instinctive knowledge and expertise. In order to maintain the high standards of the Allen Fire Department, firefighters must learn and excel in many areas, including firefighting, search and rescue, emergency medicine, vehicle extrication, swift water rescue, trench collapse rescue, confined space rescue and hazardous materials.