Court Appointed Workers (CAW)

Court-ordered community service work is offered through Allen Parks and Recreation's Court Appointed Worker (CAW) program.

Steps to get started

  • STEP 1: Determine your eligibility using the information below.
  • STEP 2: Complete an online CAW application.
  • STEP 3: Watch your inbox for an email with next steps. Applications received Friday through Sunday are processed the following business week. Full approval may take up to two weeks.


  • Age 18+ years
  • Must have internet access for scheduling and a cell phone that can receive text message shift updates
  • Prohibited offenses: Aggravated Assault, any sexually based offense, any offense against children or the elderly


  • Scheduling: If approved, you will be responsible for self-scheduling via the Volunteer Portal.
  • Identification: Be prepared to present government issued photo ID upon check-in.
  • Electronic devices: Visible use of phones or electronic devices may result in immediate dismissal from the shift and CAW program.
  • Attire: Close-toed shoes must be worn. Clothing must be free of rips, tears and holes. Shirts must have sleeves. Pants must be worn at the waist.
  • Court requirements: It is the responsibility of the court appointed worker to ensure all requirements are being met for service hours to be accepted by the court.

Earned time

Two methods of time tracking are required:

  1. Department-mandated online Volunteer Portal; and
  2. Court-mandated timesheet(s)

The following infractions may result in loss of time served:

  1. Leaving the shift early
  2. Failing to sign in or out with your unique PIN
  3. Failure to deliver on shift expectations